Bobby Kotick is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Activision Blizzard. Many interesting facts about him have been gathered from many sources, including Kotick’s Twitter. This article will go through some essential facts about Bobby Kotick, such as his birthday, how he started in business, how much he’s worth, and what he did before starting with Activision Blizzard. There is also a note at the end of the article stating which methods to contact this person so you can reach out to him.

Kotick was born in Boston and attended Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, where he was a star hockey player. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Later on, he received his Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He began his career in the video game business at LJN Toys (not affiliated with Nintendo). He worked for that company for a year before joining Activision (known as Activision Inc back in those days) as an assistant product manager. He worked there for ten years before starting his own company, Presto Studios, which created titles such as “The Lost Vikings.”

One of Kotick’s early ventures was being a co-founder at Lodestone Software and working as the Chief Executive Officer. He became that company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer when Activision acquired it for $4.7 million. Apart from working at Activision, he has been involved in many other projects, including starting his own company, ArtPlus3D, which created interactive art software for museums and arts organizations called Modeler 2000 (2000); Autodesk purchased for more than $300 million in 2006. In 2008, he joined Activision Blizzard as CEO and President. Go Here for related Information.