In 1990, Asot Michael was born in Guadeloupe in the French Indies. In 1989 he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at Barry University. He majored in the two fields of finance and economics. In 1991, Asot earned a MBA Degree at the University of Miami Graduate School of Business. Asot Michael received various honorable awards for his high scholastic achievements, while attending college. Asot’s family heritage is from a poor peasant background. They were honest, successful business people from the country of Antigua/Barbuda. 

The Michael family was well-known for the generous, caring ways they treated their customers and employees. Because of their strong Christian belief, many lifelong dreams were fulfilled. The Michael family also became very active in politics, in Antigua/Barbuda. They are a very loving, hard working family. Asot Michael has explained that, during the 1970s, Asot Lebanese (Arab) forefathers worked to keep the Labor Party differences unchanged. The Michael brothers fought for economic and political changes in Antigua/Barbuda. 

Years later, Asot Michael also joined the Labor Party, to help continue the progress that Antigua/Barbuda are experiencing. They want to maintain these changes, so other positive goals can be reached for the community’s welfare. At this time, Asot Michael holds a seat in the House of Representative in his country. The only requirement to fill this government position is to meet all the qualifications. This is an elected seat that Asot is honored to fill. He is proud of the Antiguan people who are willing to contribute, for the development of this nation.