Many entrepreneurs have the thought of the impacts they will have on the community essentially after their retirement. John Ritenour, the co-founder of Insurance of America, has made a positive impact on the community. Even after his retirement, he has constantly been involved in philanthropic activities. John Ritenour is recognized for co-founding the Insurance Company of America, an insurance brokerage company in the United States. The company is ranked as the 11th largest private company and also ranked among the top 100 brokerage companies in the United States. Insurance Office of America currently serves approximately 80,000 clients and consists of 1300 employees with 60 office locations.

John Ritenour has won several awards, including the success award for business achievement by the success magazine. He showed his interest in business while he was still young. Ritenour believes that it is crucial to have a lasting relationship with the community. Since his retirement, he has been encouraging others to create strong connections with their communities. He believes that there is power in solid relationships and partnerships. Insurance Office of America was dedicated to establishing lasting relationships, a strategy that has made John Ritenour to be recognized as one of the successful entrepreneurs in the United States.

The relationships established help the company come up with specific knowledge from a selected area, allowing it to serve its clients effectively. Besides being a successful businessman, John Ritenour is also dedicated to creating a strong family life. He has also been involved in philanthropic activities, and upon his retirement in 2018, he has more time to devote to charity projects. Ritenour has a comprehensive understanding of the less fortunate in the community. Further, he instilled this spirit in his Son, Heath Ritenour, who took over the leadership of the Insurance Office of America. Notably, John Ritenour has so many things to be proud of, ranging from establishing successful businesses to helping the less fortunate in the community.

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