Andrew Alexander has produced many things in his life from SCTV network, I,Martin Short, Goes Home, the Second City Project, and much more. His Twitter, Linkedin, and The second City Site show how much he has done and is doing. His twitter is filled with the things he’s doing, mainly The Second City. The other things he posts about are things other people are doing like SNL, Schitt’s Creek, and She the People. He is constantly showing support for others while also promoting Second City.

On his Linkedin he has all his experiences including The Second City and being semi-retired. He has all his experiences and education there as well. Its easy to see everything he has accomplished on this page. He has liked a few articles so now they are shown on his page. All the articles he likes add to his character and show you who he is. On the Second City site they have a page dedicated to him. They don’t have any new information on the page; they just speak about The Second City and his involvement. He has done so much and in general, is such a nice genuine person. He appreciates others while still making it known what he’s doing.

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