Attorney Juan Monteverde went to California State University in Northridge, where he obtained his degree in Finance. He was interested and passionate about financial markets and how the industry could shape economies across the world. After graduating with a B.S. in Finance, he already had a change of mind about what he wanted to pursue.

While still in the university studying finance, Attorney Monteverde had a part-time job in a local law firm. He took the job to support himself, but it fascinated him immensely. He started admiring the field of law, especially when he could take part in a long trial that lasted two weeks. The case gave him first-hand experience in the real life of an attorney. He understood a lawyer’s potential to rectify an injustice and demand compensation for the damages incurred in the entire ordeal.

Attorney Juan Monteverde later joined St. Thomas University’s law school and emerged as one of the best performing students in his class. Outside class, he contributed to law school through his impeccable writing abilities. He also worked as the school’s official newspaper president and the staff editor for the school law review.

After completing his studies, Attorney Monteverde worked in various defense fields before turning around and started his firm. Running his firm saw him have several responsibilities that were not related to the field of law, including administrative and firm management. Creating Monteverde & Associates saw him further expand his practice and represent the shareholders.

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