Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter is an established company with a built name for manufacturing high-quality and reliable civil helicopters. The company makes, assembles, flight tests, and inspects all its computers at its main factory in California, Torrance. The company has registered significant growth in recent years and is expected to reach more than $13.88billion by 2024.

Robinson introduced its prototype helicopter, referred to as R22, in 1975. The 2-place piston helicopter received its first Federal Aviation Administration certificate in 1979 after three years and a half of testing and technical analysis. Due to its simple design, low acquisition cost, and low maintenance, R22 attracted many buyers, including private owners and schools. With time, the simple two-seat aircraft became the highest-selling civil helicopter globally.

In 1992, Robinson Helicopter commenced the development of the R44 aircraft. The 4place helicopter followed the same design philosophy as the R22 but has a more powerful 0-50 engine. The helicopter received its FAA in 1993, and deliveries began after that. Its increased payload capacity attracted a massive market within a short period, especially from recreational and business people. Later the R44 was designated to R44 Raven I.

In 2002, the company introduced the R44 Raven II, which resembled R44 Raven I but was equipped with Lycoming’s IO-540 engine and a powerful electrical system. The new modifications increased the Raven II’s ability to perform in more demanding conditions like high temperatures and high altitudes. By the end of 2003, R44 had doubled the sales of R22.

2005 remains in the calendars of Robinson Helicopter. It was the year when they partnered with Rolls Royce to develop a turbine-powered helicopter, RR66, famous for its RR330O Rolls Royce turboshaft. Its engine is an essential factor, especially during emergencies or high altitudes.

Robinson Helicopter

Research and development form the backbone of Robinson Helicopter. They hire a team of highly trained technicians and engineers who conduct monthly safety courses for helicopter flight instructors for the safety of the aircraft users.

The company was founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, a BSME graduate from the University of Washington. Frank has received countless awards and honors for his accomplishments in the aircraft industry, among them being the Aviation Legend Hall of Fame, Cabot Award, and Lifetime Aviation Engineering Award.