Abdulla Al Humaidi is a Kuwaiti businessman who has been active on the local scene since 1992 when he joined Yaqoub Group as an executive director of its real estate division before founding KEUCO with six friends seven years later after completing his MBA from Boston University. In 1999 they launched their first project, which yielded positive returns within twelve months but having done that, he has stuck to his tried and tested formula of diversification into real estate, hospitality, business parks and logistics. Abdulla Al Humaidi´s company invests in Europe and Africa to create sustainable business opportunities. Recently, he was quoted saying, “I have always believed that it’s important to invest locally because there are so many great opportunities for growth.”


How Abdulla Al Humaidi Founded Kuwaiti European Holding? 

Abdulla Al Humaidi spent much time studying business development, marketing strategy, financial analysis, and operations management at top universities. His academic background includes studies in America like Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania), Harvard Business School (Harvard University), and MIT Sloan School of Management. This helped Abdulla Al Humaidi develop a vision for what could be achieved by blending Kuwait’s oil wealth with Western expertise. The company invests across Europe & Africa, where it is recognized as one of the region’s leading diversified conglomerates.


Recently, Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH) announced a 33% increase in revenues. At the same time, net profits grew by 60 percent during 2017 over 2016 despite challenging market conditions due to low oil prices, which forced business owners to adopt new strategies such as working closely together rather than competing against one another. Abdulla Al Humaidi states that the company is set to invest further in the GCC and North Africa.

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