Dr. Bharat Lall studied medicine at the University. He is passionate about helping people, identifying where the problem is, and solving it to ensure the smooth running of their lives. However, Mr.Lall did not practice medicine for an extended period; instead, he has invested in the hospitality industry. For the medical doctor, it has been a humble beginning. When Lall started the business, he purchased 12 single-room motor lodges on the coast of California. The business has expanded, and Dr. Barry Lall manages 1790 rooms and restaurants across nine properties.

A hotel is similar to the human body. All organs in the body must work together for the better function of the body in the hotel industry; all departments must coordinate to ensure the smooth running of the business. Bharat translates his ability to dragonize from medicine to hospitality has been to the success of his hotel business as well as his success. Today the medical doctor specializes in finding underperforming restaurants and hotels, purchasing them, and turning them around to thriving businesses.

Bharat’s recent achievement is the rebranding of Hilton Richardson Hotel, Dallas. The hotel has 337 rooms and conference rooms with a space of 1500 square feet. The hotel was formally operating as Hyatt Regency Richardson, Dallas. In September 2021, the hotel was re-launched after a renovation, which coasted about $13 million. Aimbridge Hospitality is managing Hotel Richardson, which is the top hotel management globally, with its operation in Dallas. The managing company has its operation offices near the University of Texas Dallas and some of the leading companies in the country, including Blue Cost Shield, Cisco, All-State Insurance, and AT&T.

Dr. Bharat comes from an entrepreneurial family. He grew up in Nyasaland, a British colony in Southeastern Africa. Lall’s family would later move to Zambia, where his father opened a clothing business. Even during his teenage, Lall loved to spend time at his fathers’ clothing store. Lall has continued to excel in the hospitality sector.

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