Fighting Cancer Using Innovative Treatments

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that creates and commercializes cutting-edge, empowered antibody-based therapies for treating cancer and other chronic illnesses. The effort to improvise cancer treatment is due to the increased late effects experienced by cancer survivors. The effects range from mild to severe. Other effects such as anemia improve or fade with time while some may be permanent like certain types of nerve damage. In many cases, medical experts cannot always procrastinate if the effects will occur.

Conventional cancer treatments are known for having late effects some cancer patients. Seattle Genetics is the market leader in antibody conjugates (ADCs) and strives to develop advanced cancer treatments. An antibody conjugate is a technology designed to control the targeting capability of monoclonal antibodies to produce cell-killing components. ADCs are aimed at sparing non-targeted cells hence minimizing most toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy, while possibly improving antitumor activity. In addition to the ADCs, the company is coming up with a large product offering to address unmet medical conditions.

Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 and has its corporate headquarters in Bothell, Washington. For almost 20 years, Seattle Genetics has developed designed monoclonal antibodies. The treatment has provided therapeutic benefit to cancer patients, people with autoimmune diseases and other chronic medical conditions. The antibody-based therapies have advanced cancer treatment by targeting malignant cells and preventing damage to normal tissues. The antibodies have resulted to better-tolerated therapies that could be used with chemotherapy to improve the outcomes of cancer patients.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president, co-founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist by profession and has built Seattle Genetics on a foundation of thorough research, scientific advancement, and drug development practices. Dr. Siegall focuses on targeted cancer therapies due to his passion for helping clients.

Under Dr. Siegall‘s leadership, Seattle Genetics has attained its current leadership position in creating antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and the 2011 FDA approval of ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin), the company’s first ADC product. He has also spearheaded the company’s capital-raising initiatives, raising more than $675 million through private and public financing. Clay Siegall holds 15 patents and is an author of more than 70 publications.

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The Growth of Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a non-profit organization that offers religious courses on Kabbalah and the Zohar. These courses are offered free of charge and are offered both online and offline. Offline courses are offered in designated centers around the globe. Some of the centers are regional, and the teachings can be offered in the form of study groups. Philip Berg first introduced the development of Kabbalah teaching together with his wife, Karen Berg. The organization has a multi-ethnic teaching staff that is dedicated to offering training to their student’s worldwide.
People who wish to start learning Kabbalah are not required to have a Judaism as a prerequisite. Kabbalah centers and teachings are open for all irrespective of one’s religious or linguistic orientation. People are not either required to know Jewish and Hebrew texts for them to understand Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah headquarters based in Los Angeles California was set up in the year 1914. Where Karen Berg and her sons were the spiritual leaders and the directors of the organization. The organization spread fast and has over 50 branches worldwide. Among the branches are in major cities such as New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles and London.

Kabbalah has its relation to various religions. It shares its beliefs with Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Although Kabbalah teachings relate to some of the teachings of the religions as mentioned earlier, spiritual leaders warn that Kabbalah is not an alternative to these faiths. Kabbalah is a supplement to these religions, and it cannot stand on its own as a religion.

Kabbalah teachings include Bible teachings such as the passage of the red sea. The story studied in the Kabbalah and Zohar courses come from spiritual leaders. Yehuda Berg, son of Karen Berg, has produced a series of teachings from the Bible for Kabbalah teachings.

Since its inception in the year, 1914 kabbalah has received a positive response as more and more people from different religions has taken the Kabbalah courses whether it is through the internet or offline physical classes. Individuals who fail to understand Kabbalah pose a significant threat to the growth of the center. However, Kabbalah will continue to offer guidance and teachings to more people around the world.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is Helping In More Ways Than One

When it comes to Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning, they truly take pride in helping people out. It is not just company speak and it is not just cliches. When they are called on to repair, fix, or install an air conditioner, they do it right. They don’t just rush to get the job done and move onto another job. They are very diligent and they check in with regular maintenance as well to make sure it is running smoothly and you can enjoy a cool summer. Summer is fun, no question, but it is hard to ignore the heat on certain days. On those days, all you want to do is turn on the air, stay indoors, and not have to go anywhere. has plenty of reviews on Goettl Air Conditioning from clients that have called on them to fix an issue. The reviews are very, very positive, some are heartwarming, and some show you how they really take this job to heart. They know the impact they can have on people’s lives, especially in the Arizona community. This is a company that has been around for over seven decades. They have a reputation to uphold and they plan on keeping it as well maintained as possible without any blemishes. Of course, they are human, but if there is a mistake, they will fix it right away and do right by the customer.

They also do right by the community. Ken Goodrich knows how important our veterans are and the freedoms we have in our lives. Because of this, he made sure to help out a veteran by ensuring he had a college education upon returning home. Ken Goodrich is always looking out for others and looking for ways to help them and give back.

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Gooee and the Future of LED Lighting

With the frontier of our world’s newest technological advancements brings the rise of costs require to fuel many modern conveniences, including our televisions, cellular devices, and arguably most of all, lighting. When it comes to comparing the expenses of the modern-day electricity bill, the cost of lighting rarely fails to take the cake as the most costly. In most instances, we are willing to pay this cost out of necessity, but reducing the cost (drastically even) certainly wouldn’t hurt anybody.

One of the leaders of this cost-reducing forefront, Gooee Limited UK, is revolutionizing LED lighting in the world of home automation. This class of technologies includes the Eco-friendly monitoring systems, which chop away at the expenses of lighting utilities through the application of sensors, organic lighting (LED’s), and database collection, reducing the amount of light-fueling electricity wasted to an absolute, yet comfortable, minimum.
One mild example of the functions of Gooee’s lighting “Ecosystem” is the inclusion of motion sensors, which are programmed to restrict a light-bulb of power in areas void of passerby’s, deterring the bulb’s of a small business, per se, from being accidentally left on all throughout the night.
A more comprehensive example of Gooee’s technological advancements include the production of their square ASIC chip, which is no larger than 25 millimeters in width. This chip can detect, among other things, the general brightness of lighting considered to be comfortable by its immediate consumers. It does so by collecting data on the adjustments made to the light-bulb’s settings and surroundings, including variables such as the relevance of color temperature, the walking directions of its pedestrians, and the levels of ambient light available within its environment.
All of these factors facilitate a significant reduction in the consumption of light energy, which benefits not only our environment for years to come, but our very wallets as well.

Save Time With Wengie

Popular YouTube celebrity Wengie recently released a video that outlines ten everyday improvements that people can make to increase efficiency in their daily lives. While the life hacks vary in their general usefulness and universal applicability, some of them are actually surprisingly effective given their simplicity.

For instance, if you’re someone that regularly uses ear plugs to listen to music, then you might want to consider flipping them upside down and wearing them on the opposite ear. By switching the ear plugs around in this way, you create a tighter fit around your ears and ensure that they don’t get tangled up while you’re moving around. If you’re someone that regularly takes your iPod out while jogging, then this can be a real lifesaver.

For the budding chefs out there, Wengie details a very nice trick that can apply to virtually any small ingredient that needs to be cut in half. While Wengie uses cherry tomatoes, it’s easy to see how this trick could be applied to a whole range of other foods. In her example, Wengie gathers up a bunch of cherry tomatoes and then puts them in between two lids. With the lids firmly holding the tomatoes in place, Wengie easily slices through them horizontally, rather than trying to awkwardly cut them vertically as people normally tend to do.

Of course, these are just a couple of the many tricks that Wengie outlines in her video. If you’ve found these tricks useful, or are curious to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve, then be sure to check out the video for yourself.
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A New Way for Parents and Teachers to Communicate

Technology has enhanced the way teachers and parents communicate in many ways, but now with the ClassDojo app the communication gap is being bridged even more so. With this app teachers and parents are able to privately text each other about the child and the child’s education in order to improve the continuity of the child’s education. No longer do they have to wait until parent/teacher conference which is on a quarterly basis to have an in-depth discussion about the child and how they are doing in school. Teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child in their learning environment throughout the day in order to show the parents the projects and reports the child is working on. This also includes fun photos and videos while on field trips and at other events. The child is also able to add photos and videos to their own digital portfolio included in this app so they can showcase their work to their parents.

The communication platform that ClassDojo provides is limitless and like no other. Parents can feel confident knowing that the teacher can reach out to them at any time and they can also see their child in action at school and learn more about the child’s day. Keeping up to date on what the child is learning about can also overflow into the home where the parent can help the child with areas they need and it allows the parents to feel confident in knowing they are staying on top of things.

Included in this app is a calendar of events that allows the teachers and administrators to post about upcoming events and dates for the parents. Parents now can plan ahead and stay current on what is coming up so they will not miss out anything important.

Class Dojo is now in approximately two-thirds of schools all across the United States and that number is steadily rising as more and more school are seeing the advantages of using this app. It is opening the lines of communication between parents and teachers like has never been done before. There is nothing more important to a parent when sending their child off to school than assuring their child is receiving the education they need. With the open lines of communication the ClassDojo app provides this helps the parents know their child is receiving the proper education and it also helps them feel more connected to the classroom and the whole learning experience.
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Epic Vacation at Famous California Ski Resorts

Are you considering taking a vacation? The kind where you can relax, but get the adrenaline you’ve been craving. Look no further than the amazing adventures of Lake Tahoe in California! This amazing vacation site offers some of the best skiing in the country. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, Lake Tahoe has everything you could dream of for your skiing adventure. The month of March is an excellent time to visit as this area receives between 61 to 128 inches of snowfall, making ideal conditions for skiing or snowboarding!

Alpine Meadows, offers spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. Nestled between Truckee and Tahoe City, this resort is one of a kind. With over 2,400 acres offering more than 100 trails. An excellent resort for the whole family, with trails consisting of 25% beginner level, 40% intermediate level, and 35% advanced levels.

Once you’ve wore yourself out skiing all day, relax on the back side of the mountain of Alpine Meadows at the famous Ice Bar. Offering amazing food and drinks, this lounge allows you to enjoy the views of the terrain and observe fellow skiers as they glide down the mountain.

Another famous location on, boasting the title of hosting the 1960’s Olympic games, Squaw Valley is unlike any other Lake Tahoe Resort. With numerous variations of slopes, chutes, and bowls, this mountain offers adrenaline for the beginner to the most advanced skiers. With consistent snow fall, this resort boasts one of the longest skiing and snowboarding seasons in the country. Atop this mountain, you can see the cast iron eagle that stands in memory of the famous skiers Jonny Moseley and Julia Mancuso. This resort was voted “Best Ski Resort in North America,” for 2016 by USA Today. It boasts 14 mountains across 6000 acres, with 25% beginner, 45% intermediate, and 30% advanced trail classifications.

As amazing as both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are individually, there are plans in the future to construct a base-to-base gondola that will connect these two iconic mountains. Making for twice the fun, with half the commute to each mountain. You can currently ski both mountains with the purchase of one ticket but must commute to each separately.

Whether you prefer relaxing with shopping or dining, or getting your blood pumping with skiing or snowboarding, the Lake Tahoe resorts offer all of the above. You would be hard pressed to find any other ski resort with such outstanding views and trails. No matter the resort you chose, you are sure to have one of the best vacations experiences available.

Stephen Murray of CCMP Leaves a Legacy

Stephen Murray was born and raised up in the environs of the Westchester County in the New York. He graduated from the Boston College in the year 1984 with an undergraduate degree specializing in economics.

Later on, he earned his master’s degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School. He died at the age of 52 from health related reasons. Murray’s survivors are his companion, Tami A. Murray, together with their four handsome sons. The couple had their home in Stanford.

Stephen Murray career life

Murray began his profession in 1994; his first job was working at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation being part of the credit specialist teaching program. He was industrious and goal oriented. Murray handled any work assigned to him with enthusiasm.

Due to his prowess, he later joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989, which pooled Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group with its leveraged investment unit. Manufacturers were then absorbed by Chemical Bank in the year1991; MH Equity amalgamated with the Chemical Venture Partners. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

In 1996, the Chemical Bank combined with the Chase Manhattan Corporation while Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Finance Partners. Murray became the head of business at the JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital, a split of the JP Morgan Chase that enclosed the takeover and growth equity group of its private equity group.

According to Bloomberg and Pehub, Stephen Murray was named the CEO of CCMP in August 2006. Murray was an industry pioneer with a lot of brilliant ideas. He was tasked with making the company’s final decisions and advising the firm on the viable investment to make.

CCMP invested around hundred million dollars to five hundred million dollars of capital per transaction. It laid emphasis on organizations in the industrial, consumer, energy, healthcare sectors.

Upon the leadership and stewardship of J.P. Morgan, Mr. Murray at the wheel, CCMP consequently raised two more multibillion-dollar finance.
As one of the founding member of CCMP Capital, he was an impressive investor and decision maker who spent most of his profession in private finance. He made a positive contribution to CCMP.

During his tenure as the CEO, he steered CCMP to greater heights by increasing its capital investment and equity. He served as the CEO for around twenty-five years. He is accredited as the man behind the success of CCMP and its forerunners. Stephen Murray acted as a board member of major companies.


Healthy Living has it’s own way of promoting healthy. As of late though, they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. There are a few promotional videos rolling around with NutriMost about losing 20-40 pounds in just 40 days. The company refers to this as their “can’t lose diet”.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

These videos and lines are exactly what Healthy Living is stealing. The company has since removed everything. The company is seeking damages control. They are looking for about $300,000, along with additional costs for repairing their reputation.

How’s that for ironic. Healthy Living just piled on about 40 pounds of financial baggage, and all because they didn’t want to do it the genuine way. If Healthy Living is all about “healthy living”, maybe they should think about how they handle their ethics!


Here’s where you can find the real deal. Don’t take out word for it though. Let’s take a look at one man’s testimony. Dr. Rob Vasquez has been having issues with health and weight loss for years. It wasn’t until he tried this plan that he found what truly does work.

“You name it, I tried it. I tried every sort of powder, crash diet and weight-loss supplement there is. I always walked away unhappy, gaining more than I lost. This plan really do work. It’s about achieving a lifestyle, more than anything.”

To find out more about what NutriMost has to offer, please log onto the official web page today. This is the plan that others try to be and can’t. Learn more about it now.





Nutrimost: Lose More Weight Quickly

A weight loss company by the name of Healthy Living is in hot water for allegedly copying portions of promotional video from Nutrimost. The Manhattan Federal Court claims that Healthy Living replaced any mention of Nutrimost with the slogan, “Can’t Lose Diet.” Healthy Living even appears to have included interviews with the NutriMost’s principal, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, and interviews with individuals who had lost weight with Nutrimost were included as well. Nutrimost is seeking at least $300,000 in damages.

NutriMost is a national company that was created by Dr. Mitch Gordon, a licensed physician with other 20 years of experience. The company asserts that costomers can lose up to 40 pounds in just 40 days.

NutriMost’s Resonant Frequency Technology (NRF) was designed to help individuals lose weight without feeling deprived of food. No exercise is required to achieve up to 40 pounds of weight loss, and customers do not need to purchase prepackaged meals or supplements. NutriMost was founded on the belief that every diet plan should be customized to suit the needs of each person who wishes to lose weight.

Doctors themselves have utilized NutriMost to lead healthier lives. Dr. Rob Vasquez reported to San Antonio Living that other weight loss plans did not help him acheive his goals. He was so impressed with NutriMost that he founded NutriMost San Antonio. Other people have been eager to offer testimonials of their amazing weight loss stories. Connecticut couple Al and Linda Sparaco each lost impressive amounts of weight while participating in the NutriMost program together. Linda lost 89 pounds, and Al lost 59. Julia Mitchell, another Connecticut resident, reports that she lost 86 pounds. Julia also notes that she no longer feels self-conscious about her weight and is enjoying a healthy lifestyle thanks to NutriMost.